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Scope of work

In response to the evolving needs of our esteemed client, we embarked on a comprehensive office fit-out project on the 6th floor of their office building. This project, carried out in a live studio environment, involved a range of services and enhancements to create a modern and functional workspace.

Temporary tea point setup

We recognised the importance of maintaining workplace functionality throughout the fit-out process. To ensure uninterrupted access to refreshments, we established a temporary tea point, enabling employees to enjoy their beverages during the construction phase. This temporary solution was seamlessly integrated into the existing layout.

Tea point installation

  • Installation of a Zip Tap for instant hot and cold water dispensing.
  • Glass splashback installation to enhance aesthetics and ease of maintenance.
  • Quartz worktop installation for durability and elegance.

Breakout area furnishing

Our team carefully selected and installed furniture for the breakout area, optimising the space for relaxation and collaboration. The furniture was chosen with both comfort and aesthetics in mind, creating an inviting environment for employees.

Non-slip vinyl flooring

Safety and functionality were paramount considerations in our approach. We installed non-slip vinyl flooring to ensure a secure footing for employees and visitors, while also providing ease of maintenance and durability.

Plumbing, lighting, and electrical services

To facilitate the tea point installation and overall functionality of the workspace, we provided comprehensive plumbing, lighting, and electrical services. These services were meticulously planned and executed to meet industry standards and ensure the comfort and convenience of the occupants.

Open plan decoration and carpet tile replacement

Our team worked diligently to revitalise the office space by conducting a full open-plan decoration and carpet tile replacement. This transformation was carried out during non-business hours to minimise disruption to daily operations while the furniture remained in position.

Timber spray-finished venetian blinds

To add a touch of sophistication to the office's interior design, we installed timber spray-finished venetian blinds. These blinds not only serve a functional purpose in controlling natural light but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the space.


Our office fit-out project for CNBC, stands as a testament to our commitment to professionalism, quality, and client satisfaction. We successfully delivered a modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing workspace that aligns with our client's vision.

At Prestige Interiors, we take pride in our ability to execute complex projects like this one, all while ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations. We look forward to continuing our partnership and providing innovative solutions for future endeavours.

For any inquiries or to discuss potential projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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