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Lanesborough Prep School

RGS science lab

Prestige Interiors, an esteemed leader in office fit-out and refurbishment, embarked on a notably specialised project within the educational realm. This initiative revolved around the extensive transformation of a Science Laboratory at a prestigious school. It was fueled by a profound commitment to providing state-of-the-art facilities that promote scientific exploration and innovation. The project involved a meticulous series of intricate steps, all carefully executed to establish an environment conducive to cutting-edge research and learning.

Scope of work

Prestige's scope of work included a comprehensive approach to the revitalisation of Lanesborough Prep School's Science Laboratory, which entailed the following:

Isolation of utilities

To ensure the safety of the workspace, we initiated the isolation of gas, water, and electrical supplies. This critical step ensured the secure execution of the project.

Removal of damaged infrastructure

We undertook the delicate removal of water-damaged cabinets, worktops, and vinyl flooring, safeguarding the laboratory's integrity while preparing it for the transformation.

Installation of laboratory-safe infrastructure

The heart of the project involved the installation of laboratory-safe cabinets, worktops, and non-slip vinyl flooring. This meticulous step was undertaken to create a secure, functional, and professional environment for scientific research.

Decoration works

The enhancement of the laboratory extended to the aesthetic realm, with expert decoration works that provided a polished and inspiring ambience for students and educators.

Reinstatement of utilities

Upon the successful completion of the renovation, we reinstated gas, water, and electrical supplies, ensuring that the laboratory was fully functional and compliant with safety standards.

New LED lighting

To optimise visibility and energy efficiency, we incorporated cutting-edge LED lighting solutions, aligning the laboratory with modern standards.

Testing, commissioning, and certification

The project concluded with rigorous testing, commissioning, and certification to guarantee the utmost safety, functionality, and compliance with regulatory standards.


Prestige Interiors is proud to have successfully delivered a transformative Science Laboratory project that upholds our commitment to excellence and professionalism. This endeavour reflects our dedication to facilitating educational and scientific advancements by creating environments that inspire innovation.

We remain steadfast in our mission to provide innovative office fit-out and refurbishment solutions to educational institutions, ensuring that their spaces not only meet functional needs but also cultivate an environment where knowledge and research thrive. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to bring our expertise to similar projects in the future, furthering our legacy of excellence in the field.

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