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Prestige Interiors, a prominent authority in office fit-out and a specialist in educational institutions, recently undertook a significant endeavour that showcases our commitment to creating professional and functional spaces. The project, involving a boys' toilet fit-out, exemplifies our dedication to enhancing the environments in schools and universities.

Scope of work

Our scope of work encompassed a comprehensive and meticulous approach to the transformation of the boys' toilet facilities. This included the following key tasks:

Utilities isolation and removal

The first phase involved the careful isolation and removal of plumbing, lighting, and power supplies. This meticulous process ensured a clean slate for the renovation.

General builders work

Undertaking essential general builder's work to prepare the space for the subsequent installations.

Installation highlights

Cubicle systems

Installation of robust and functional cubicle systems to provide privacy and functionality.

IPS duct wall systems

Incorporation of intelligent IPS duct wall systems to optimize the use of space.

Ceramic toilet pans

Installation of durable ceramic toilet pans for long-lasting functionality.

Stainless steel wash troughs and urinals

Incorporation of high-quality stainless steel wash troughs and urinals for hygiene and durability.

Dyson hand dryers

Modern Dyson hand dryers, combining efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Non-slip Altro vinyl flooring

Implementation of non-slip Altro vinyl flooring for safety and aesthetic appeal.

Barrier entrance matting

Integration of barrier entrance matting to keep the space clean and welcoming.

LED lighting

Modern and energy-efficient LED lighting to enhance visibility and ambience.

Ventilation system

A well-designed ventilation system to maintain air quality and comfort.


Expert decoration to provide a polished and inviting appearance.

Fire door upgrade

Enhancement of fire safety measures with a fire door upgrade.


Prestige Interiors is proud to have executed this comprehensive boys' toilet fit-out project, showcasing our unwavering dedication to quality and professionalism. Our ability to seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality ensures that educational environments are not only visually appealing but also practical and safe.

We look forward to continued collaborations in enhancing the educational spaces of schools and universities, underscoring our commitment to excellence in office fit-out and specialised projects in the educational sector.

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