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Morrison Water Services

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Prestige Interiors, a renowned leader in office fit-out and refurbishment, undertook a dynamic and time-sensitive initiative encompassing the ground and first-floor fit-out, all within a condensed 6-week program. Our valued client, Morrison Water Services, a prominent service provider in the water and wastewater infrastructure sectors in the UK, entrusted us with the comprehensive task of facilitating the seamless relocation of office staff while preserving relevant furniture assets.

Scope of work

Prestige's scope of work was characterised by a multi-faceted and intricate approach, which encompassed the following critical components:

Partitioning excellence

Installation of soundproof solid and glazed partitioning, enriched by full-height black ash door modules, which not only offered a private workspace but also delivered an air of sophistication.

Enhanced infrastructure

Introduction of a state-of-the-art raised floor system, anti-static carpet tiles, and high-quality vinyl, ensuring the foundation for the new workspace was as functional as it was aesthetically pleasing.

Optimising HVAC systems

Strategic modifications to the HVAC systems aimed at delivering optimal climate control, fostering a comfortable and productive environment.

Advanced power and data management

Implementation of the cutting-edge Electrak system for efficient power and data supplies, guaranteeing a technologically proficient workspace.

Safety and security integration

Incorporation of access control and fire detection systems to ensure the utmost security and safety for all occupants.

Visual and brand enhancement

Installation of glass chat boards and prominent company logo signage, accentuating the space's corporate identity and collaborative opportunities.

Audiovisual excellence

Integration of high-quality audiovisual solutions to support modern presentations, meetings, and communications.

Aesthetic elegance

Expert decoration and fabric roller blinds contributed to a polished and inspiring environment, enhancing the overall workspace ambience.

Illuminating features

Feature lighting elements were thoughtfully designed and implemented, not only for functionality but to create a unique and sophisticated atmosphere.

Efficient relocation services

Complete relocation services ensured a smooth transition for office staff while preserving valuable furniture assets, streamlining the move process.


Prestige Interiors is honoured to have executed this dynamic office fit-out project for Morrison Water Services, an esteemed leader in their sector. This initiative exemplifies our commitment to professionalism, excellence, and the seamless orchestration of intricate projects.

We take pride in our ability to deliver not only aesthetically pleasing workspaces but also highly functional, secure, and technologically advanced environments that empower productivity and collaboration. We look forward to continuing to offer our expertise in crafting inspiring and efficient workplaces for our clients in the future.

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