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Network Infrastructure

From the design and installation of your LAN, Comms Room or Conference Room Prestige Interiors are here to help, guiding you through the process from start to completion.

Our system design consultants and contract managers will evaluate and recommend solutions specifically tailored to your individual requirements.

Structured Cabling solutions

Your structured cabling design is one of the most important components of your network. A properly designed and installed network with benefit you for many years to come giving you reduced downtime, reduced maintenance, and better network performance.

Our contracts managers will discuss various factors that will influence design including:

Network Requirements - The type of network you plan to run will influence the design. Areas to consider will be type of media you plan to use on the network (Fibre, copper or Mixed Media), peak traffic requirements, bandwidth of applications and type of traffic.

Building Design - Where are users located in relation to the comms room? Horizontal cable runs are generally: 90 meters (295.3 ft.) from the switch to the outlet if the distance is exceeded then you may need satellite cabinet locations. Space and availability for running cables in the floors and ceilings including bend radius of cables

Power over Ethernet – Existing requirements and areas to consider for future development.

Wireless access points

Requirements for partial or complete coverage.

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol

is fast becoming the network type of choice but there are various requirements and design implications.


Standalone or integrated to the network, physical security systems including IP Security cameras and access control.

Comms Rooms

An area that often gets overlooked and squeezed into existing areas that are not suitable for today’s complex infrastructures. Prestige Interiors can help you with the design and installation of comms rooms including Data Cabinets (location sizes and installation) Air-conditioning, flooring, lighting, security, power and redundancy power.


As more and more equipment and devices have wireless capabilities we can help and assist you with the design and implementation of your wireless solution, whether this is partial or complete coverage solution.

CCTV & Security Solutions

With the advancement in areas such as IPCCTV and integrated access control your network infrastructure becomes even more important from stand alone to fully integrate we can work with you to find your ideal solution.


Video / Audio Conferencing Standalone, integrated or VaaS (Video as a Service) enables businesses to increase profitability by reducing costs and increasing efficiency. With modern video conferencing solutions you can increase the number of meetings you attend, share documents, applications and ideas all in real time and at the click of a button.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is quickly replacing static signs, banners and posters as the standard method of communicating key information and complex messages to almost any audience, anywhere, anytime.

Digital signage gives you the ability to combine images, scrolling texts, videos, live TV, PowerPoint®, RSS feeds and more all on the same screen.

Unlike traditional printed signage, digital signage can be updated instantaneously, allowing you to capture current events and suit the demands of the moment, whilst eliminating the high ongoing cost of creating and distributing print ad campaigns.

Whether you are intending to build a brand, influence customer behaviour or simply provide information to clients, staff or students, the dynamic visual experience created by digital signage makes sure that you get your message across.