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School hand wash station

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Prestige Interiors, a distinguished authority in office fit-out and a specialist in educational institutions, recently embarked on a vital project that underscores our commitment to creating professional and functional spaces. This particular project centred around the installation of a hand wash station and was initiated to address the essential COVID-19 requirements in educational facilities.

Scope of work

Our scope of work for this project was characterised by a comprehensive and meticulous approach, focusing on the installation of a critical hand wash station. The tasks included:

New utility infrastructure

The installation of new hot and cold water supplies, as well as waste management systems, was essential to meet the hygiene requirements.

IP rated electrical supplies

To ensure safety and compliance, IP-rated electrical supplies were meticulously installed to provide reliable power to the hand wash station.

External grade hand wash trough

The inclusion of a robust, external-grade hand wash trough ensured durability and functionality, even in outdoor conditions.

Blade hand dryers

Installation of efficient blade hand dryers, which provide rapid and contactless drying, in line with the current health and safety standards.

LED bulkhead lighting

The integration of modern and energy-efficient LED bulkhead lighting was paramount in providing clear visibility and safety around the hand wash station.


Prestige Interiors is proud to have successfully executed this vital project, exemplifying our unwavering dedication to quality, professionalism, and safety. Our capacity to adapt to evolving requirements, such as those posed by COVID-19, underscores our commitment to creating safe and functional environments for educational institutions.

We are looking forward to continued partnerships that will enhance educational spaces in schools and universities, underscoring our steadfast commitment to excellence in office fit-outs and specialised projects within the educational sector.

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