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School locker room

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Prestige Interiors, a leading authority in office fit-outs with specialised expertise in educational institutions, recently undertook a project of paramount importance. This project, involving the transformation of a locker room, was initiated to address critical COVID-19 requirements within the educational environment, underscoring our dedication to creating safe, professional, and functional spaces.

Scope of work

Our scope of work for this pivotal project was characterised by a comprehensive and meticulous approach, with a focus on the refurbishment of the locker room. The tasks included:

Removal of outdated fixtures

The careful and systematic removal of old lockers, benching, vinyl flooring, and outdated lighting, ensuring a clean slate for the renovation.

Marmoleum vinyl flooring

The incorporation of Marmoleum vinyl flooring, recognised for its durability, hygiene, and aesthetic appeal, to create a modern and clean environment.

Fire door upgrades

Enhancements to fire safety measures with fire door upgrades, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Expert decoration

Detailed decoration to provide a polished and inspiring ambiance, aligned with the professional standards of the institution.

LED surface mounted lighting

The integration of energy-efficient LED surface-mounted lighting to enhance visibility and safety in the locker room.

New lockers for safe distancing

Installation of new, thoughtfully designed lockers that create a spacious and safe environment for adhering to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Prestige Interiors is proud to have successfully executed this pivotal project, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to quality, professionalism, and safety. Our adaptability to address evolving requirements, such as those prompted by COVID-19, underscores our dedication to creating secure and functional educational spaces.

We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with educational institutions, continuing our commitment to excellence in office fit-outs and specialised projects within the educational sector.

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